Contract Freeze drying, milling, sieving & dicing

As a leading freeze drying company in Australia, Totally Pure Fruits work with manufacturing companies both large and small to develop appropriate freeze drying processes for a diverse range of products.  We concentrate on low temperature freeze drying for the preservation of even the most delicate products, retaining the highest nutritional integrity and freshness without the use of any additives and preservatives. Over the years, our company has acquired a wealth of expertise in freeze drying certified organic & bio-dynamic Fruits and Vegetables, including but not limited to; Super foods and native Australia bush products. Product processing is tailor to best suit your company needs and specification with various mill sizes, powdering and packaging options available.

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Machine sales/building -

In 2015 “Mock Enterprises” was launched to facilitate the custom building and sales of our commercial design, world class freeze dryers. For more information on Machine Sales please contact us directly.